Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shame on Billy Ray!

Celebrity news doesn't ever really do much for me. I fail to see what all the hub-bub is about these people. I don't understand why they ever get a platform to speak to the American public (and the world, thanks to CNN) on issues when the rest of us aren't afforded that same opportunity. More importantly, I REALLY fail to see why anyone with a hint of intelligence would listen to them.

This week, I did see on HNN a story that caught my attention. The story of Miley Cyrus and her photo shoot for Vanity Fair. I guess it caught my eye, because even being a 53 year old man, I have watched quite a few episodes of "Hannah Montana". Could be because they talk a lot like me, or because I used to cut a rug to "Achy Breaky Heart" or maybe it's because it is usually a show that is cute, funny and decent amid all the sewage that generally floods the cablewaves.

This last week, Miley sat for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. What a 15 year old has to offer Vanity Fair is beyond me and most of the rest of the decent American public, but they did it. Dad (Billy Ray) and mom (Trish), were both right there. And what a great thing, they had the world acclaimed Annie Leibovitz as the photographer! That makes all OK! She only shoots art! I'm going to make this short here. I'll post the picture and just say this, "What reason could possibly make this OK?"

Mom and Dad Cyrus, what were you thinking? What is the need to take a photo of a 15 year old girl posing like this, to be put in a grown-up magazine? Then, top it off by saying that you are now upset because the photos are a little racy? What did you think they would be? You put a little girl, topless, wrapped in a satin sheet, with a bunch of make-up on her, some bright red lipstick, tussled-up hair, giving a pouty look and figured everyone would think, " That's just the way ALL 15 year olds look when they wake up"!

You people need a reality check. This should never be alright. At what age will it stop? 14, 13, 12? We allow this and wonder why we have teen pregnancies and high abortion rates.

You know, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of decency in the world.


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