Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking out for Opportunities

As a volunteer community warden for the US Embassy in Honduras, I recently had to deal with the health related death of an American citizen. In doing so, I had to give a statement to the Policia Nacional, the Federal Police here. A very nice young officer who is the station commander came by my house with two other officers and we had a pretty good time as we stumbled through my Spanish and their English trying to complete the statement. We did manage to get it done.

When we were through, I mentioned that I was a police officer years ago in Texas so that increased the bond that was forming. I told him what our work consisted of here and then something inside made me ask him, "What is it that you guys might need?" I expected it to be something personal or some luxury item, so I was shocked when he said, "Beds". These officers are assigned here for six months to a year and they live at the station under whatever conditions are there. I went days later to the station to see what they had and sure enough, they need beds! And a kitchen and a bathroom door without a giant hole in it and running water and lights and.... I told them that I would see what I could for them.

But that is not the story. Since meeting them, I have visited the station numerous times and they have come by our outreach center. They have also met Isidro, a local man that works in our ministry. In our talks, the new Jefe (boss man) has now asked Isidro if he will come by the station every week and hold a Bible study! What a great opportunity to teach these guys (only one is a Christian) and then have them leave in six months to a year and take that learning to another station!

(BTW, I am contacting my old police friends in Texas to see if they might start a drive to raise some money to help fix up the station.)

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Tom Goodman said...

Very cool. I will link to this story on my weblog too